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2013年に、 通称POSH Actと呼ばれる「職場における女性に対するセクシャルハラスメント(防止、禁止、補償)に関する法律」が定められており、この法律に関する理解を深めて戴きたく存じます。
I am Nidhi Agarwal from KrayMan Consultants. Reaching out to you to understand if your Organization has implemented the ‘Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013’ - commonly referred to as POSH Act.
2013年に、インド政府が「職場における女性に対するセクシャルハラスメント(防止、禁止、補償)に関する法律を定めた事は、ご存知の事と思います。この法律は略して、POSH Act.と申します。
As you must be aware in 2013 the Government of India came up with the above Act which mandated each organization in India to have a policy on prevention, prohibition, and redressal of sexual harassment at workplace for women. It also spelled out the responsibilities of the employer to provide a safe work environment by following the mandatory compliances of the Act as mentioned below:
•    この法律の定義及び意味を織り込み、会社組織のために、POSH草案を作成する事。  
Release the POSH policy for the Organization including basic definitions/ meanings of the Act. Define the process on how to make a complaint and the redressal mechanism
•    内部監査評議会を設立する事。
Constitution of the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) 
•    法律の述べる内容に従い、ワークショップを開催し、従業員に問題の重要性を喚起する事
Organize workshops and awareness programs for sensitizing the employees on the Act 
•    制度導入に関する説明会を組織し、評議会メンバーに対して、本件に関わる能力・技能を高めるプログラムを行う事。 
Organize capacity & skill building programs for the members of ICC
•    評議会外部メンバーの任命に関する助言支援。
Appoint an External Member for the ICC
•    POSHに関する年次報告登録。
Monitor the timely submission of reports by the ICC for Annual Filing
We have the relevant experience and expertise in end to end implementation and monitoring of POSH Compliances. We are supporting various multinational Clients in India in adhering to the above policy.
POSHに関しますご疑問がございましたら、nidhi.agarwal@krayman.com へのご連絡をお待ちしております。
Please feel free to contact us at Nidhi.agarwal@krayman.com in case you require any assistance on the above.
Kind regards,